Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Seasons Are Changing and So is Time..But What About Me?

As I look out of the window this Sunday morning, I see change all around me, from the trees changing colors, to the birds migrating from location to another like they  are  commanded to do. But somehow I'm not going forward as  I'm commanded to do. Grief  has me frozen in time and in one season, it's not that I'm being willfully  disobedient  to the voice of God, its just that I seem to be standing in the  quick sand of pain  and  life, you see my  feet are going through the motions of moving forward but  my heart and  mind are in a different  place, season and time. I see my sons but only in my dreams. They are growing up in my dreams and need a constant mothers love attention and advice. But then I awake only to realize that once again its only a dream and none of those things will ever be  realized again on this side of heaven. They no longer need my guidance or attention. But yet there is so much more of it all  in me to give to them, bc they are and will forever be my sons.  So my question is where and who as a mother do I direct all of this love, time, and attention too?  Because that which I want to give God thoroughly designed that  for me to give to my sons, even my daughters  cant receive that from me because the love that I give to them  and share with them were designed for daughters, its different  but the love and impact are the same. I said all of that to say I'm getting full  from the need to release this love  filling up inside of me for my sons.  So I guess you may be asking the question well  what do you do?  and the answer is simply.... I WORSHIP!  because its the  only thing I can share with my sons simultaneously that we can  join in  together at any moment  at anytime anywhere,  you see while I'm worshiping so are they in heaven  all of the time! So while the  seasons maybe changing  and time going on My worship is  constant  with my sons. Glory!!!!